BUSEGA district in Simiyu region is struggling against HIV/AIDS as 4.6 per cent of its 272,990 population has contracted the malady.

Aerial Glaser Pediatric AIDS Health Initiative (AGPAHI) Executive Director, Mr Laurean Bwanakunu, revealed this on Saturday when handing over a vehicle that will be used in the fight.

Mr Bwanakunu said it was sad to note that out of 12,558 patients, only 3,608 had enrolled for counselling and care while 2,850 got care and treatment under the coordination of his organization at health centres.

THE government is urged to recognise lay counselors who care for and treat people living with HIV/AIDS. Chairman of The National Council for People Living with HIV/AIDS Tanzania (NACOPHA), Mr Vitalis Makayula said here on Wednesday that the counselors are doing great, so there is a need to roll out the program countrywide.

Mr Makayula advised the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to adopt the program, set clear guidelines as that would be very helpful to people living with HIV/AIDS.

A NEW drive to combat HIV/ AIDS in Lake Zone is taking shape, as a local nongovernmental organization availed four vehicles to that effect.

Ariel Glaser Paediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative (AGPAHI) handed over vehicles worth 456m/- (without tax) to be used on HIV/AIDS related activities.

AGPAHI Executive Director (ED), Mr Laurean Bwanakunu, said the vehicles will be for Kahama and Msalala district councils in Shinyanga Region and Itirima and Busega district councils in Simiyu Region.

Handing over a vehicle to Kishapu District Council on Wednesday, Mr Bwanakunu urged the authorities to use it -- Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop, solely for that cause.

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