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Adolescent Health


DREAMS initiative is an Adolescent, Girls and Young Women focused initiative and stands for Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free,mentored and Safe.

Interventions include identification of HIV risk behaviors in the target group, HIV transmission prevention and identification and provision of care following gender-based violence.

AGPAHI has continued to support DREAMS initiatives in four councils in Shinyanga region (Kahama TC, Msalala DC, Shinyanga MC and Ushetu DC).


Treatment for Adolescents

Adolescents face unique challenges related to accessing HIV care and treatment services. The main hindrances include: a weak system for case identification, linkage, poor retention and effective viral load suppression and psychosocial support.

Based on these facts AGPAHI started providing child and adolescent focused services in 2011, through child and adolescent support groups called Ariel-Adolescent (Teen) Clubs.

The clubs aim at building resilience, support drug adherence and provide an opportunity to share experiences with peers.

The project targeted Adolescent Living with HIV aged 10- 19 years who were attending HIV care and treatment services. Children below 10 years are prepared through Ariel Clubs to join the adolescent clubs, and those individuals above 20 years are prepared and encouraged to join adult PLHIV groups. By September 2018 AGPAHI had approximately 52% of all 10,428 (10-19) TX-CURR September 2018) Adolescent Living with HIV attending 116 adolescent clubs across the six AGPAHI supported regions.