HIV Care & treatment

Project duration: September, 2011 - September, 2016


In September 2011, AGPAHI was awarded an independent CDC Cooperative Agreement entitled Provision of HIV/AIDS Treatment Services by Local Indigenous Entities in the United Republic of Tanzania (PHTLSLIE). The project is working to increase access to and enrolment in a comprehensive package of sustainable, high-quality, and cost-effective care and treatment services for HIV-infected families. The project has expanded with each passing year—both programmatically and financially.

From initial support to 41 sites in Shinyanga Region (old borders) to 80 sites in Shinyanga and Simiyu Regions by the end of 2015. In September 2014, the project began supporting Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV activities in Busega District. Programmatic and financial reporting is done on quarterly basis. The project is implemented through sub-agreements to district councils, hospitals, regional health management teams, and professional organization.

Currently, the project manages a portfolio of 19 sub awardees. Funds are allocated through a transparent and non- competitive proposal process, and work plans with budgets that are annually. 


Increased coverage of AGPAHI support to CTCs from 41 sites by the end of 2012 to 80 sites in 2015 and trained of over 1500 service providers on HIV and AIDS related service provision including nutritional assessment and counselling, TBHIV collaborative services, quality improvement initiatives, electronic database, adolescent and youth friendly services, comprehensive paediatric ART services and positive health dignity and prevention for PLHIV.

Through the project, AGPAHI supports the provision of laboratory services through procurement and maintenance of equipment, procurement of reagents and technical support to laboratory personnel for laboratory management systems. 

In monitoring of PLHIV wellbeing, AGPAHI supported the increased of CD4 testing capabilities from nine sites to 46 sites. By September, 2015 AGPAHI has supported the enrolment of 71,074 clients into care and 52,819 PLHIV on ART among them 13,582 are adolescents and youth (aged 15-24years) as compared to 31,337 clients on care and 15,330 PLHIV on ART in September, 2011.Furthermore AGPAHI has supported the formulation and maintenance of over 40 Ariel children clubs and 12 Adolescent and young adults clubs. 

TBHIV initiatives

Geographical coverage

Through the CDC funded care and treatment project, AGPAHI has supported district councils in Shinyanga and Simiyu regions in Tanzania to implement TBHIV collaborative services in all health facilities offering care and treatment services as well as in the surrounding communities. 

Target groups

Adults and children living with HIV and their families. 


The approaches used to implement TBHIV initiatives include capacity building to healthcare workers on TBHIV collaborative services, community sensitization on TB and HIV including case identification and linkage to health care services using peer educators, TBHIV services integration using the one stop shop approach, scale up TB diagnostic services to remote areas through sputum fixers, utilization of presumptive TB registers to follow up TB suspects, HIV test and treat approach for TB patients, screening of all HIV clients for TB using national tools and procurement of cotrimoxazole, LED microscopes and gene xpert machines and scale up of Intermittent Preventive Therapy (IPT) services using Isoniazid for prevention of TB at supported facilities. 

Achievement in TB and HIV services

AGPAHI in collaboration with Ministry of Health has trained over 150 service providers in TBHIV collaborative services including 3Is (Intensive case finding, Intermittent Preventive Therapy and Infection control for TB) and chest X-ray interpretation, trained and deployed over 75 sputum fixers to supported districts, directly supported the screening of over 160,000 people for TB, provision of cotrimoxazole to 31, 375 PLHIV, identification and initiation on treatment of 1,947 TBHIV co-infected clients, initiation of 3,125 PLHIV on Isoniazid for IPT and identified three MDR-TB cases.

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