TB in the Mining Sector Programme


TB in mining sector (TIMS) project is funded by Global fund through Development Aid from People to People (ADPP - Mozambique). AGPAHI is a sub-recipient of ADPP Mozambique.

Duration: The project started on 1st September 2016 and runs through 31st December 2017

Coverage: This project is implemented in 3 districts namely Kahama Town Council, Msalala District Council and Simanjiro District Council. The project focus is on the following mine sites:

  1. Iyenze and Mwime - Kahama TC
  2. Kakola, Kalole and Mwazimba - Msalala DC
  3. Mererani - Simanjiro DC.

Target: The project target is to screen TB to approximately 30,000 mine workers and their families.

   Program officer TB/HIV educating miners about TB related issues ,during the TB World Day in Mererani



  1. To increase TB case finding among the key populations in the mining sector in Southern Africa
  2. To increase the proportion of key populations on TB treatment that complete their treatment
  3. To increase the proportion of key populations with TB that are tested for HIV and enrolled for ART
  4. To increase access to information and education on TB prevention, care and treatment.


Miners, Ex-miners, People from mining communities, Mining Associations, Mining Unions


  1. TB screening, active case finding and contact tracing,
  2. Awareness and education through local radio (Monthly programs) on Radio Kahama and Radio Free Africa
  3. Door to door campaigns
  4. Workshop for miners and community leaders
  5. Peer educators’ training
  6. Debates and trainings at work places
  7. Diagnosis, referrals and other services
  8. Sputum collection and transport
  9. Counselling, Direct Observed Treatment(DOT) and adherence
  10. Defaulter tracing, HIV screening and referrals

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