Cervical Cancer is one of the common causes of death in women from low-resource settings. A cervical biopsy is a simple procedure to remove tissue from the Cervix to test for abnormal or precancerous conditions, or Cervical Cancer.

Despite Nurses have multiple roles in  the health facilities such as patient advocate, care provider and research investigators. They can also support in cervical cancer early detection and treatment.


With the support from PEPFAR, the Government of Tanzania is implementing programs aimed at reducing TB and HIV morbidity and mortality through comprehensive collaborative TB/HIV activities including TB prevention using Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) for adults and children living with HIV and AIDS.

However, through routine program data review, it was established that IPT coverage at Changuge Health Center was only 33%


Loss to follow-up (LTF) for Patients’ on ART is one of the major challenges in AGPAHI supported HIV Care and Treatment Centers. LTF contributes 33% of the total attrition as per the Oct – Dec, 2017 Data at Nyamagana MC in Mwanza.

This study reports the use of Pharmacy Module Database and CTC2 Database in addressing the challenge of LTF.

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What We Do

  • Provision of Comprehensive HIV Care +

    The purpose of** Boresha Project** is to support comprehensive facility-based HIV testing, care, treatment and support service provision in 9 scale-up and 25 sustained districts in the five lake zone regions of Geita, Mara, Mwanza, Simiyu and Shinyanga. .

  • TB in the Mining Sector Programme +

    TB in mining sector (TIMS) project is funded by Global fund through Development Aid from People to People (ADPP - Mozambique). AGPAHI is a sub-recipient of ADPP Mozambique.The project target is to screen TB to approximately 30,000 mine workers and their families.

  • CIFF Reprogramming +

    Project Goal is to improve health services to prevent HIV transmission, increase identification of adolescents with HIV infection, and improve HIV care and treatment and retention for ALHIV in Tanzania.

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